Thursday, July 13, 2006


Here is a [icture of the lake I took at Sleeping Giant.I loved how the woods were captured within the river photo it's self.....enjoy!!!!

"macro flower project"

Here is anouther single flower shot that I captured with the light.I thought it was a great shot how the light lit up the flower in the photograph.

"macro prject"

This is anouther close up of a white flower from anouther one of my mother's plant's.
I am very lucky that she is always buying plants and I was able to use them for my photo's.I hope your enjoying these photograph's.

"macro project"

I was able to capture a much better photo of the "macro project".I was able to capture a close up on my mother's plant.I was able to zoom in on one of the flowers.

"sky photo's"

I thought this photo was cool with how the sky and clouds were incorparated within eachother.

"water drops"

I was able to zoom in on the water falling and cought a few great big water drops.I hope your enjoying these water photo's and all the other photo's I have uploaded.

"shower water drops"

This photo I actually cought while it was falling from the shower in to the drain pipe.I love how this photo is captured with the "rain drops" or should I say
"shower drops",-hehehe- get it.Well I hope you enjoy!!!!

"falling water"

This deffently my favorite water photo ever.I lover how I got up close and shot this picture.I realy enjoyed this class and I am going to miss it,luckily I actually know what I am doing with my camera.So I guess there are usefull classes in college as well as the boring ones.

"water falset"

I captured this photograph in black and white however it came out more light then dark.I thought it was great how the water just came off the falset.I love these water photo's very much.

"bubbeling water"

Here is a great shot of the water bubbeling in the sink.


I decided to take what I call "water fall photo's",however they are not from a "waterfall" they are from my shower and sink talk about odernary ha? This photo was taken while the water fell in the shoer and was lead into the drain pipe....enjoy

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Week 7- Surrealism (2)

I call this one 'Fallen' Posted by Picasa

Week 7- Surrealism

I call this 'Blood of Adam'
I loved this assignment! Posted by Picasa

Surreal Art

Not sure what to call this??

Marla Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Surreal Art

I call this confusion....Marla Posted by Picasa

Albertus Online Photo Class Sec. 2

Albertus Online Photo Class Sec. 2
I imagined this might be difficult, and I tried to compensate the dark conditions by manipulating Picasa. This is my husband who was happy to pose. OH, and another shot of Bailey girl!

Week 3 - By the Sea!

I'm sitting on the beach and zoomed in on these two guys canoeing, but what's even greater (too me) is the head of the guy in the water!

It's difficult in looking at this picture to tell how far out it might be considering they should not be canoeing too close to land, and this guy should not be swimming too far out in the water. Posted by Picasa

Week 6 - Digital Portrait

My husband Robert sitting by a window. Posted by Picasa

Week 2 - Downtown

I thought this was pretty. This sits outside of a flower shop near downtown Bloomfield. Posted by Picasa

Week 5 - Garden

Looks like veins are embedded throughout this flower. Posted by Picasa

Week 5 - Garden

I just thought this was a pretty color...raindrops and all. Posted by Picasa

Week 6 - Digital Portrait

My daughter Jada. Posted by Picasa

Week 6 - Digital Portrait

Taken on my front porch of my seven year old daughter Jada. I didn't even have to force her to have that pout! Posted by Picasa

Week 1 - Mirror

Please forgive the hairdo! :-)...I am standing in front of our big screen tv and took this picture. I was very surprised at how clear it came out. A little fuzzy, but clear enough to capture the intent. Posted by Picasa

Week 5 - Greenhouse/Garden

Although this was in color, I thought it stood out more in Sepia to show the raindrops better. Posted by Picasa

Week 4 - Shadows & Lights

I thought this was a beautiful stoic picture of the "parent" bird sitting on a branch near the nest (previous photos submitted) where the baby birds were located.

It was as though the bird said "take my photo, aren't I beautiful". Posted by Picasa

Week 3 - By the Sea!

I took this picture while on the beach at Hammonsett State Park. The tide is starting to come in! Posted by Picasa

Week 3 - By the Sea!

I just thought this photo was really cool of my children and looks as though they were contemplating their next move and viewing God's work all at the same time. Posted by Picasa

Week 7 - Crying Never Solved Anything!

Sometimes simplicity can say a lot! Check out fotothing to see the other designs I created.

I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed Class 7. Posted by Picasa

Week 7 - Buildings under water!

Another fun one for me. Giving the impression that the buildings are under water and the fish are floating by was really cool to create. Posted by Picasa

Week 7 - Family Fun Day!

I so enjoyed class seven. Just coming up with some of the designs using just the objects/tools your provided with was fun, hilarious and creative.

No, being an artist is definitely not my forte, but, I did have fun! Posted by Picasa